| Losing Confidence: A Mindset |

It’s all in your mind


Confidence:  A feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.

Confidence. I’ve spoken about it plenty of times on my website, and I’ll continue to voice it until it becomes recognised to others that losing your confidence post-graduation is a very common issue. How do I know? Well, because I had fallen victim to it. I slowly lost my confidence shortly after my first rejection from a company who had initially headhunted me for a Junior Designer role. I was beaming with confidence! I thought that this was it – this was going to be my entrance ticket into the design world. This was wrong. I didn’t get the position, and didn’t manage to secure any of the other jobs that I was later headhunted for.

Losing confidence. It’s a serious topic that graduates (or anyone for this matter) don’t feel comfortable speaking up about. There are plenty of books and blogs out there that give you words of wisdom and motivational quotes to guide you in building confidence, but there seem to be little to no articles that mention how it feels like to lose confidence from former experiences. So? That’s why I’m here to tell you how it feels to lose confidence as a graduate.

| Losing Confidence: A Mindset | will focus on the reasons why people lose their confidence during ‘funemployment’. It will speak from the perspective of a narrator directing it at the reader as if they’re going through it themselves, and it will highlight incidents where self-confidence receives significant beatings. The narration will split into 3 stages (think of it as the beginning, middle and end), between each ‘interval’ I will further explain the reasons why we feel this way and mention methods to get out of this self-inflicted loop.

Now, let’s start from the beginning:
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| Top 4 Things To Do In Singapore For When You’re On A Budget |

Still in awe from Singapore!

If you haven’t yet read the post about my trip to Singapore, you can read it here: | ROAD TO: Singapore |

Last week, I wrote about my experience in Singapore. If you don’t know by now, saving up for my trip to SE Asia has turned me into a tight purse – I like to save money here and there and go to the extreme extent of sifting through various online discount codes only to get 10% off a £5 item! It’s understandable, right? If I want to prolong my travels, I’m going to have budget and be mindful of my daily expenditure! For Asia, Singapore is an expensive country. The cost of living is pricey, and for those of you who have a big appetite (like myself) you better watch how much you spend on food and drinks! Everything adds up, and before you know it, you’ve burnt a hole in your pocket!

If you’re anything like me, and you want to make the most out of your experience in Singapore while keeping within a strict budget, keep on reading!


| Getting Back Together With Your Mojo |

Oh no! My Mojo!

Maybe you’ve just been out of touch for a while because you’ve been busy with other commitments, or maybe you’re in a rut and feel have lost your talents. Either way, we’ve all been there (heck, I’m in it right now!). We’ve all lost our mojo, and we’ve all been lost for words when something that once came so naturally to ourselves seemed to be alien now.

So how do you get back with your mojo?

A little while ago, I talked about my intentions of getting back into the design world via freelancing. I spoke about being rusty and out of the game! I even felt inadequate and useless! Rusty, yes. Useless? No. The thing is, with any skill, whether new or old, all it takes is practice. You don’t just ‘forget’ how to do something, right? For the most of us, our skills are filed away in our memories, and we only need a little kick in the memory brain to remember how we used to do it! Remember the saying: ‘it’s like riding a bicycle!’ ? It’s true. Once learned, it can’t be forgotten.

So whenever I’d noticed myself losing touch of my creative mojo, I’d follow these four steps (below) to help guide me back into the zone. Whether you have a creative stump or stuck in any other rut, I urge you to read on:
(it helps, trust me!)


| ROAD TO: Singapore |

It’s been a blur!

On Monday 26th February, I flew to the other side of the world with nothing but a large turtle green backpack carrying a year’s worth of necessities. It’s been just under a week since I’ve gone away; I’ve already visited two countries, and it’s been an amazing experience!

Singapore was the first stop. It was the cheapest flight that I could have caught to get to SE Asia, and it had definitely topped my expectations. Singapore is just so… dynamic! While it may have a series of districts ranging from luxury living to simple lifestyles, the price of living is far from cheap! Considering the budget that I am on, and the short period that I was in Singapore, I was restricted to what I was able to do (you can read about my tips  for travelling with a budget in my next post!)