|The Future of Design: Harnessing Creativity Online|

HWC site headerOn keeping my creativity 


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My previous post delved into a brief history of this site, and my near-future intentions with it. Following this, I’m going to go into detail about how I intend on steering huewinnchan.com back into design.

I don’t want to delve too much into the widespread ‘history’ of the blog since it’s all documented in my previous post. To summarise (in relation to design), this site began as a design blog to document and exhibit my previous design projects. In other words, it was to become an online museum of works. At the time,  I wasn’t confident in uploading projects that I wasn’t proud of, likewise, I wasn’t strong enough to stand up to my fears of ‘not being good enough’ and pre-perceived negative judgement from others. The design portion of the blog quickly removed itself, and the site became inactive from January through to June.

It’s been half a year since I’ve rectified this site, and it’s taken a change of course in the most recent months. While my blog continues to harness some aspects of design input, it focuses primarily on my self-reflection and personal development towards different aspects within my life. With regards to the design aspects of this blog… well, it has in a way diminished. Don’t get me wrong! It’s not to say that I have no interest in progressing with design. I continue to have strong intentions to steer my personal career towards the creative route. However, this time I’ll be doing it on my own basis.

For those who don’t know, despite graduating in Interior Architecture I have little to no interest in falling into said career path. It’s a downfall on my behalf, considering that I was apparently determined to follow the architecture route during my teenage years. However, I’d forced myself to believe that although my chosen degree didn’t completely fall into jobs of interest, it had continued to cite similarities in job specifications when applying. Yes, my degree touched on the main discipline of the Adobe Package, but the feedback received from companies was that my degree didn’t fall into what they were interested in. In that sense, that was most likely a major contributing factor as to why I was unable to land a role in the design world – because I was applying to design jobs not specific enough to my graduated discipline.

So what is it that I want to do?
At this current moment in time, I continue to search for my answer. I don’t know! I don’t! I know that it will be something creative, likewise, I know that it will be something hands on that is personal to me. I steer towards work that pays for who I am. Likewise, (as hubris as I sound) I’m powered by emotions that fuel my creativity.

Who knows what design direction I will head towards… who knows!?
All I know is that generalised interior design and architecture is not what I have in mind.
All I know is that in a world revolved around social media; design work is best broadcast online.
All I know is that I refuse to work under a company that doesn’t share the same values as I do, likewise, it’s far simpler to work for myself to have these needs met.

I don’t need a degree or a design job to justify how creative I am. Like I said before, qualifications are only justifications to society to show that you are ‘eligible’ do or say something. You don’t need any qualifications to justify your own opinions and perceptions!

It’s been a tough year to build up my confidence again, and I’m proud to declare that I can draw! I’m heading towards a risky pathway with utmost optimism and enthusiasm. To start 2018 with a bang, I’ll be making a glorious amount of transformations revolving around this site and it all starts with creating a domain name specific to me.

Hi, I’m Huewinn. Welcome to my website:



Hosting and Domain transfers has become an utter headache in my life.
I haven’t neglected this site, trust me, big things are to come in 2018!

The only issue is that there are certain hosting issues and domain name transfers.
With that being said, watch out for an updated website in the coming (hopefully) week!


|A Brief History of Blog Writing|

HWC site header
Oh how things have changed!

My previous post touched on what I want this site to provide to my readers. Today, I’m going to talk in detail the original intention of my blog, how my blog had served me during the moments of seeming lost, and how it had helped me to gain my self-confidence and self-belief back. Finally, I want to talk about where my blog is now, where I want it to head towards, and how this site will help individuals who are in the same position that I was last year: a hopeless graduate with a degree in bullshit.

The Beginning of the End 
This blog of mine began as a website to showcase my design portfolio. However, it never ended up being the case. I had made trivial attempts at uploading my work, but quickly removed the page or hidden the post due to the fear of being mocked by the online critics. I didn’t feel confident enough to put my work in the spotlight in case I’d received judgement and negative remarks. In feeling this way, I’d failed to publicise my graduate projects as a means of putting myself out there for potential employers within the design industry.

Uploading work that I wasn’t confident in exploiting to the general public and being rejected by countless companies meant that the belief I had as a creative had unwillingly diminished. I couldn’t even get my foot in the design world, let alone make it in said industry!

It’s been a year since the beginning of huewinnchan.com and I have since come to terms with accepting that not everyone is going to like my work or my personality. However, there will always be a handful (if not, more!) people who will like me for who I am – my design skills and personality included.

A voice! An Outlet!
In June, I made the conscious decision to put myself back out on the internet and used this site as an outlet for my own anger, annoyance and frustration. This blog had slowly helped to mend and nurture all of my negative self-destructive thoughts that had bullied me into a pit of hatred and misery. At that point in time, I needed a microphone to voice my discontent to the employment industry… how on earth had I let myself fall this far away from my original goals?! How did I even persuade myself into believing that changing my name online and compromising my values would lead me towards happiness?!

You can read my return to WordPress here:


I needed a distraction from my spiralling negative mindset, and I needed a way to be released from the inner-bullies whom had tormented my lifestyle. You can meet a few of the bullies from the class of 2017 here:

The Pessimistic Pete whom had cast a grey cloud over my optimism and hope.

The Irrational Ian whom had constantly kicked my brain with unhelpful thoughts until I had a headache.

The Judgemental Jill whom etched the words ‘you’re not good enough’ on my forehead.

The Spiteful Sid whom chucked malicious words at me.

The Negative Nancy whom always had 10 bad reasons for one good reason to be happy with my day.

Getting Back with my Mojo
Since I’d rectified this site, my confidence has grown. I was able to fight back at the self-destructing bullies, and I had slowly but surely learned to control the well-being of my mind. Consequently, my fear of ‘not being good enough’ and my perception of self-worth has strengthened in time.  My blog posts began as a distraction and a humorous space for me to find laughter during my negative stints and everyday ‘tragedies’, and in doing so it had helped me to find the silver-lining and humour to each situation that I’ve put myself in.

A classic example for you all:

|STORYTIME: Poxes On My Privates!|

My adjustments towards ‘finding myself’ (I know, very predictable) had shifted my attention towards wanting to learn more about the reason for my previous discontent with where I was in life, and also my goals and aspirations towards where I wanted to be in life. In doing so, I’d learned a lot about hating to compromise my values and my honest intentions of wanting to help others (yes, even when I’m unable to help myself).

So… What Now?
My previous post touched on what I want this site to provide to my readers. So… what now? Well, my current intention with this blog is to motivate and support people who are or will be in the same position as I was:

Graduated into a sea of uncertainty and living in an unhappy life
knowing that there must be more to this!

I want this site to become a community for people who are discontent with their lives and want something more to it. More specifically, I aim to target 20-something year old post-graduates who have been flooded with uncertainty since being dumped into the adulting world.

  • This is for everyone who had been chucked into the deep end and was expected to learn how to stay afloat with no life jacket.
  • This is for every post-graduate who had felt the negative effects of ‘funemployment’. This is to let you all know that you’re not alone, and that there are plenty of people in the exact same situation – only they don’t show it.
  • This is for every scared individual who has been constantly tormented by their self-destructing beliefs about not being -good enough, -smart enough, -confident enough, -enough.
  • This is for all the ‘there must be something more to life!dreamers who want to do something more fulfilling than a bullshit 9-5 corporate life/rat race. 
  • Finally, this is for myself.
    This is a way of standing up to my own fears and letting it be known that I’m not afraid to be taking a stand to societal pressures! I’m not afraid of taking control of my life and steering it in the direction that I want it to be!

This site will have a dedicated section to empower readers who have ever felt alone or lost to take control of their life and fill them with security, enthusiasm and laughter. It will cite relatable posts about being a graduate and not knowing what to do with life, and it will delve into lessons and tools that can guide your path onto a smoother course.

This site will be for everyone who wants to take the
Unconventional Adulting route.

I hope that my new and old readers will stay to see the development of my site! Let’s all take control of our lives and steer towards a lifestyle of optimism and opportunity.

Life is a long journey, so we might as well make the most of it!
You can contact me here to enquire more about Unconventional Adulting.

|Life is all about Progression|

big ideas headerIt’s time I come clean.

I’ve had these plans with me for a few months now, and I’d always been too scared to communicate these particular thoughts and feelings into a blog post. For the most part, I’ve been very honest with regards to my opinions on different matters; however, in this case, it’s proven to be difficult for me to open up.

For the past few weeks, I’d been hammering into my mind that if I were to open up to my sea of incognito followers, then all of my incessant worries would disappear and everything would seem to fall into place. So, here I go.

Now.. where do I begin?

The Initial Inclination
A few months ago, I became vocal about wanting more to my life. I talked about quitting my job come February, and I talked about not truly knowing where my life would be heading towards.

(Note: post can be read here |Dream… BIGGER!|)

While I wasn’t intentionally lying about not knowing where my life was headed, I wasn’t completely honest. Come February, I’ll be leaving my current job at the GP Surgery to travel across South East Asia. Now, I know you may all be thinking that I’ve become the typical backpack traveller with the mindset of ‘discovering yourself’. Although it is true to a certain degree, I oppose of this statement for the fact that I have no intentions of coming back to the UK unless I fail and run out of money. In other words, I have a one-way ticket to South-East Asia, and an insistent mindset that my plans and aspirations will follow through in time.

For the past year, I have been saving up and scraping all of the spare change that I have in order to build a lump sum of money that will help me to live on the other side of the world for 1-2 years. During this period, I will be travelling slowly across different countries of interest while making attempts to build a sustainable living. I have my mind set on this, and I’m going to give it my all. I know that there is more to me than settling for a mediocre job that doesn’t fulfil my underlying interest and devotion to creative design and personal development.

So what about WordPress?
While some of you may be rolling your eyes and assume that I’ll be turning this blog of mine into a general travel blog, I want to cut you off short… now!

Although I can’t say for the certain that this site will not transform into a travel blog in the future, I want to state that my current intention is to motivate and support people who are or will be in the same position as I was:

Graduated into a sea of uncertainty and living in an unhappy life
knowing that there must be more to this!

Social media applications such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and even LinkedIn are fuelled by individuals choosing what they want to publicise. In other words, you only see said person in a certain light. Most of the time, they portray themselves in a positive and discreetly bragging manner. What I want to show to you all, is that life really isn’t all that great sometimes. I want to expose the nitty gritty negative emotions that we have all been through but have been all too insecure to speak up about.

Within the next few months, I’ll be steering this site towards helping others who are in the same position as me – ‘lost at sea’. More specifically, to every post-graduate not knowing what their next steps in life are.

You’re never as alone as you think. 

Opposing Opinions
I know that there are some sceptics out there who are inclined to believe that I have short-lived goals and aspirations… and that’s okay! It’s okay to have opposing opinions, and it’s okay to judge my decision negatively. However, I know what I’m certain of, and I know that I am in charge of steering my life in the direction I want it to.

While I respect your assessment of me, I hope you’ll respect my decision.

For the Future
This is my chance to steer my future into the way I want it to head towards. Although all may change when I am abroad and living in a country far away from home, I have an optimistic heart and a determined mindset to achieve while enjoying the journey!

big ideas

Life is what you make of it, right?
This is where I am at now, and over there is where I plan to be. I hope this post has inspired you one way or another to take the leap and head towards what you truly want in life.
At the end of the day, if you don’t try you’ll never know!

I’m interest in knowing what your aspirations are! 
Anonymous or not, let me know and let me share some of my own enthusiasm and assurance that it can be possible! 


|Procrastination: the ONLY reason we do it|

sea of procrastination
I’m procrastinating as I type!

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Ah, procrastination. I do it, you do it, we all do it! Heck, I’m procrastinating at this current moment! Throughout the years of becoming aware of my procrastinating phases and the reasons why we all do it, I’d recently felt the urge to delve further into the the ‘why’ of postponing tasks. In doing so, I’ve categorised all of the excuses reasons we all use to justify why we do it into one fundamental explanation.

We procrastinate because of the need to avoid pain.

Tch. Pain, yeah right?!
Now you may think that my explanation is pointless and pathetic. I mean, what kind of background or qualification do I have to justify my answer?! I’m just a post-graduate living working in a GP surgery! Listen to me, if I’ve learned anything from my past year as a post-graduate, it’s that qualifications are only justifications to society to show that you are ‘eligible’ do or say something. You don’t need any qualifications to justify your own opinions and perceptions!

So what do I mean about pain?
At the end of the day, we choose to seek pleasure and happiness in our lives, meaning that we always choose to avoid painful/unlikable tasks and situations. Whether it be an unpleasant task (be it hard or boring), or because we find more pleasure in doing something else (for instance, eating food or mindlessly watching youtube videos), either way we put off doing the important task at hand because we want to seek more fun and pleasantries in life.

For instance, if I know I have a personal deadline I need to meet (e.g. writing at least one post a week) but I also know that ASOS is doing a 20% off everything sale, I’m going to choose the latter.

I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy splurging my thoughts and ideas on here, no! Definitely not! However, I know I gain instant gratification when I click on the sale section of ASOS and mindlessly scroll through unnecessary items of clothing and accessories that I will most likely return. I find more pleasure faster from online shopping (i.e. procrastinating) rather than tackling the problem at hand.

But I enjoy doing -insert task here- why is it that I still procrastinate?!
It takes time to get the ball rolling, right? You may enjoy doing a certain task, likewise I enjoy writing each of my posts or sketching in my journal, however, (no matter how little) it takes effort. Specifically to a comfort-seeking person like myself, having to place any sort of effort creates some sort of pain in my life at that given moment.

With regards to the reason why certain people are less inclined to procrastinate, some people are more willing to leave their comfort zone than others because they find excitement and satisfaction when confronted with challenges. In other words, when a situation arises there are two kinds of people, they will either step up to it, or avoid it at all cost. For me, the reason why I rise up to a challenge is because I know that the faster I finish the task, the earlier I can return to my comfort zone of doing easier and more pleasurable activities (i.e. eating till my heart is content).

At the end of the day, we weigh out the pros and cons in any given situation – whether we do this consciously or subconsciously, we all do it. We are constantly asking and answering our own internal questions.
I’m hungry, what should I eat?
I need the toilet, do I really want to leave my warm bed?
Oh man, this guy’s an idiot! Should I say something about it?!

The answer that we choose is based on what will gain us more pleasure.
Let’s take the toilet/warm bed situation.
Many a time, I lay in bed during the cold winter nights reluctant to leave my comfort space despite needing the toilet. As my need to use the restroom increases (i.e. the movement towards pain and discomfort) and pleasure I receive from staying warm and comfortable in bed reduces, I will have an increasing urge to go to the toilet and get it over and done with. In other words, the faster I get this task finished, the faster I can return to my pleasurable state.

We’re funny little creatures on this earth, aren’t we?!
We run away from pain and seek pleasure… and sometimes seeking the wrong type of pleasure to resist falling into a painful state again.

final sea of procrastination

I hope this posts has brought a new light into the reason why you and I and everyone around us procrastinate! The next time you see yourself doing it, take a step back and realise the reason why you’re postponing your action or task!

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