|Until Death Do Us Part|


A sincere topic about optimistic revival…

Throughout my teenage years till now (roughly 10 years – eek!) I have relentlessly attempted to keep every store-bought plant alive. Unfortunately for them, every single plant that enters my abode seem to fall to its demise not long after its arrival.

After years of holding onto an assortment of long-past-its-expiry plants, I unwillingly let go of these deceased pots and throw them into the garden for nature to take its course.


So, how did my obsessive hobby of unintended murder come to existence?

It started off with buying pathetic amount of seeds and furiously waiting for a stem to sprout from the soil. Unlucky for my optimistic heart, after months of watering and nothing so much as a speck of greenery appears, I cross my arms and whine like a little bitch. 


Following this came an already-sprouted pinnatisect plant. One by one, the leaves would spread from the stem – I was enthralled by the growth weeks after its adoption! This is it. This must be the plant that has come to stay! However, Optimistic 13 year old Huewinn never learned the value of consistent caring during her early youth. I soon flew to Hong Kong for over four weeks to visit family, and unsurprisingly, the soiled dried and the plant wilted. In the garden it goes!

At 15, I’d fallen into the idea of cultivating plants that require little care. In other words – cacti plants. The first one grew in a lopsided manner, and around about five months into its life span it had given in. Only recently have I decided to migrate the already-dead cactus to another location. In the garden it goes!

dead cactus.png

It’s actually atrocious how poor my plant history is!
They just keep dying on me!

Since the departure of the first cactus, I’ve made reckless attempts buying more plants in hope for at least one survivor. Thus, came along the family of three, which at the time seemed promising for my pitiful botanist career. Why? Why because a single flower had sprouted! One might even call it a triumph!


To my dismay, the flower wilted and followed the route of my previous plants
hours after its initial blossom. 



Fast forward to now. It’s 2017 and I’ve recently become enthralled by venus fly traps.

So, I’d spent my beautiful Sunday afternoon in the farmland of Wiltshire’s garden centre to pick my next victim.


I’ve come to the realisation that I had nurtured my cacti too much by frequently overflowing the plant with water. Hopefully with this Trap, it will meet a different fate! Seeing as Dionaea muscipula need a healthy amount of water, I don’t need to worry too much about over-nurturing it!

Once again, my optimistic heart believes it’s possible for me to keep it alive. I have plans for this Trap to enter 2018 happy and healthy! In the garden it goes! Wish me luck!

Any advice on keeping this lil’un alive?!



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