|Smothered & Bothered|

header fly trap blackRemember my Venus Fly Trap? My Trap Nation.

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Once again, I’ve smothered my plant by ruining what was perfectly fine. Do you know what sucks? All I want to do is to help! All I wanted was to buy a fishbowl to ready the plant for the cold winter!

Death is inevitable. I’d previously documented the death of the mouths sprouting from my plant with utmost pride and glory! I mean, look at it!

crinkle small

The way each mouth would slowly decay and lose its vibrant green complexion as time had passed was beautiful in its own unique way.

So what has happened since?

As previously mentioned, a few weeks back I’d invested in a fish bowl as a means of insulating my plant in fear that the cold winter will affect its growth. Little did I know that by keeping it contained in a bowl full of pure soil with no drainage would create havoc!

Fast forward to now?

My plant has met its demise with mould sprouting from each mouth and soil seeping in water from over a week ago. I know, I know, death is inevitable… but I’m certain that it’s not a few mouths falling to its demise, it’s the entire plant!


As you can see below, the difference in colour and health is drastic.
I’m sorry. I’m sorry I smothered you!

I will rectify it! I will! Have faith in me, and I’ll have faith in you!


| ‘Feed Me!’ Food |

sept venus

Food Frenzy!

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I’ve become intrigued by the sheer power of the mouths that spread across the plant pot.

Much to my delight, it doesn’t take much effort to look after the plant seeing as it takes care of itself when it comes to finding food.

The strikingly fierce jaws lay dormant until a poor unfortunate soul mindlessly slithers its way into the opening and falls into its demise as the trap slowly encloses itself to prepare for its feast.

It’s absolutely fascinating, no?!

I have since documented the three main types of insect that it enjoys eating:





Baby moths

Moth sketch

In all honesty, I’m most intrigued by its tantalising effects on houseflies… how is something so monstrous, disgusting and brutally annoying to humans easily absorbed by a mere plant?! Gone are the days where unattractive sticky tape hang from the ceiling in hopes to catch annoying buzzing of flies!

I have in fact documented photos of the its victims within their mouths, however I don’t think it’s wise to post gruesome photos online… nonetheless, let me know if you want to see the photos!

|79p: A Sucker for Sales|

cactus sale

I’m weak.

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Now for those of you who know me personally, you’d know that I have an unjustifiable obsession with shopping predominantly in the SALE! section. For example, I often find myself filling my online shopping cart with unnecessary items with the intent of meeting the minimum ‘FREE DELIVERY’ quota.

From clothes to food, in-store to online… you name it! I’m just gravitated towards sales and reductions.

My most recent purchase has been no exception, and I shall shamelessly introduce you to this unfortunate soul:

cactus front

I was instantly pulled in by its beauty within the garden section of the supermarket, and when I’d noticed the reduced price… there was just no turning back. I’d resisted placing the £2.50 beauty back in its original rack, but when the store attendant informed me that it was to be even further reduced, I’d realised that there really would be no turning back now.

Oh no… not with it being 79p.



cactus macro

Ah, how original. Another cactus that will fall to its demise within a few months.

In all fairness, it was for 79p!
It was reduced from £5 to less than £1!
That’s almost 85% off its original price!
You’d be a sucker to say no!

For now, I am absolutely smitten over my new plant.

cactus inner camera

It was beautiful! It was wonderful! It was 79p!


|Trap Nation Territory|

sept venus

Raindrops, drop tops!

Note: The name of the venus fly trap has gone through a variety of names, and it will probably continue to change its name until I see fit!

A little while ago I bought a Venus Fly Trap plant from the garden centre. If you haven’t already read the previous post about my running history of potted plant misfortunes, you can back track to this post to catch up on it here.

Are you back? So as you now know, my relationship with plants is not something I can gloat about.

Over water them. Under water them.
Too much sunlight. Not enough sunlight.
Not big enough plant pot. Too big of a plant pot.

The bottom line is, I suck at keeping my plants alive.


Note: apologies for the early photos… I guess I should have taken it into consideration that Snapchat quality is atrocious

Until now! It’s been two months since I’ve taken BT (Baby Trap. Yes, I originally named it BTthe telecom company) home with me, and I’m proud to say that BT has multiplied ferociously into a nation! Dare I say it… A Trap Nation! (Yes, taking inspiration from the Soundcloud account, I have since changed its name to Trap Nation)

During the first couple of weeks nurturing BT, I was quickly engrossed by the needle-like claws for its mouth. I’d constantly fill the dish with bottled water to ensure that it was well fed. On rainy days, I’d collect the rain water and ration the drops for extra nutrition. As days passed by, BT grew stronger and quickly expanded into Trap Nation.

Clawing for my attention, the stem that initially took the lime light was the outstretched individual that overhung the plant pot. It wasn’t surrounded by moss like its siblings… it rebelled. It wasn’t even in tip top condition! It was droopy, broken, and ugly in a beautiful sort of way.

trap sketch 1

Rebellious Drooper Trooper

trap sketch 2

Overhanging from the pot, along with a cut on the outer base of its mouth

I have since re-potted my plant as it was growing in such a ferocious manner that its original home couldn’t even contain it, and I expect it to be re-homed into a larger pot in the near future.

sept trap nation update portrait

Until then, eat well and live happy!

|Until Death Do Us Part|


A sincere topic about optimistic revival…

Throughout my teenage years till now (roughly 10 years – eek!) I have relentlessly attempted to keep every store-bought plant alive. Unfortunately for them, every single plant that enters my abode seem to fall to its demise not long after its arrival.

After years of holding onto an assortment of long-past-its-expiry plants, I unwillingly let go of these deceased pots and throw them into the garden for nature to take its course.


So, how did my obsessive hobby of unintended murder come to existence?

It started off with buying pathetic amount of seeds and furiously waiting for a stem to sprout from the soil. Unlucky for my optimistic heart, after months of watering and nothing so much as a speck of greenery appears, I cross my arms and whine like a little bitch. 


Following this came an already-sprouted pinnatisect plant. One by one, the leaves would spread from the stem – I was enthralled by the growth weeks after its adoption! This is it. This must be the plant that has come to stay! However, Optimistic 13 year old Huewinn never learned the value of consistent caring during her early youth. I soon flew to Hong Kong for over four weeks to visit family, and unsurprisingly, the soiled dried and the plant wilted. In the garden it goes!

At 15, I’d fallen into the idea of cultivating plants that require little care. In other words – cacti plants. The first one grew in a lopsided manner, and around about five months into its life span it had given in. Only recently have I decided to migrate the already-dead cactus to another location. In the garden it goes!

dead cactus.png

It’s actually atrocious how poor my plant history is!
They just keep dying on me!

Since the departure of the first cactus, I’ve made reckless attempts buying more plants in hope for at least one survivor. Thus, came along the family of three, which at the time seemed promising for my pitiful botanist career. Why? Why because a single flower had sprouted! One might even call it a triumph!


To my dismay, the flower wilted and followed the route of my previous plants
hours after its initial blossom. 



Fast forward to now. It’s 2017 and I’ve recently become enthralled by venus fly traps.

So, I’d spent my beautiful Sunday afternoon in the farmland of Wiltshire’s garden centre to pick my next victim.


I’ve come to the realisation that I had nurtured my cacti too much by frequently overflowing the plant with water. Hopefully with this Trap, it will meet a different fate! Seeing as Dionaea muscipula need a healthy amount of water, I don’t need to worry too much about over-nurturing it!

Once again, my optimistic heart believes it’s possible for me to keep it alive. I have plans for this Trap to enter 2018 happy and healthy! In the garden it goes! Wish me luck!

Any advice on keeping this lil’un alive?!