| Saying ‘Goodbye’ to your Job |

Thank you for your patience

At the beginning of 2017, I’d started my first ‘grown up’ job as a receptionist at a GP surgery… Fast forward to now? I’ve finally left the practice and I’m on my way to grow my career in design!

It’s been about a week since my last day working at the GP surgery, and I have found that with all the extra time at my disposal, I have been even more inspired and determined to make freelancing as a means of sustainable living! Despite giving myself the weekend to relax and celebrate my new freedom, I have found that the adjustment from the corporate lifestyle of abiding by their rules and regulations, to freedom in freelancing to be absolutely invigorating!  In other words, I’m eagerly waiting for what comes of me in the next chapter in my life.

With that being said, if it wasn’t for landing a job at a GP surgery, I wouldn’t have developed a sense of empathy, gratitude, and (surprisingly so…) just a little bit more patience.



| The Game of Adulting: What is it? |

We play to WIN!

There’s a huge possibility that I’ve made this phrase up. While I haven’t taken the time to research into its origins, I know that this phrase had been brewed from the good ol’ family board game ‘The Game of Life’.

Ah… The Game of Life! Have you guys ever played it?! It’s a classic family board game where you navigate your car across the board and draw life cards, collect income and pay taxes depending on the tile you land on.  (I know, I explain it terribly. You can read more about it here)

The phrase ‘The Game of Adulting’ follows the same premises of the classic board game. It bears striking similarities to the idea of having to navigate your way through life by choosing different options that will inevitably affect the course of your future. Life is a game. Most of us aren’t fully aware of taking control of our own lives until we’ve left our mother’s nest and fleet into the real world; in other words, when we are expected to have become adults ourselves.


| WORDSPLURGE: Sorry! – An Update, An Explanation, An Intention|

glitch header

I know! I know! It’s been a long time since I’d last updated!

Note: word splurge – instant posts drafted & scrambled together with incoherent words

I’ve been twiddling my thumbs for the past half an hour, and I honestly have no true excuse or reason as to why I’ve been away for almost a month! My last post spoke up about making changes to this site… and although you may not have noticed or seen a marginal amount of progression… I have been trying! I really have!

Read the full post on my website:


|The Future of Design: Harnessing Creativity Online|

HWC site headerOn keeping my creativity 


Read my previous post here: |A Brief History of Blog Writing|

My previous post delved into a brief history of this site, and my near-future intentions with it. Following this, I’m going to go into detail about how I intend on steering huewinnchan.com back into design.

I don’t want to delve too much into the widespread ‘history’ of the blog since it’s all documented in my previous post. To summarise (in relation to design), this site began as a design blog to document and exhibit my previous design projects. In other words, it was to become an online museum of works. At the time,  I wasn’t confident in uploading projects that I wasn’t proud of, likewise, I wasn’t strong enough to stand up to my fears of ‘not being good enough’ and pre-perceived negative judgement from others. The design portion of the blog quickly removed itself, and the site became inactive from January through to June.

It’s been half a year since I’ve rectified this site, and it’s taken a change of course in the most recent months. While my blog continues to harness some aspects of design input, it focuses primarily on my self-reflection and personal development towards different aspects within my life. With regards to the design aspects of this blog… well, it has in a way diminished. Don’t get me wrong! It’s not to say that I have no interest in progressing with design. I continue to have strong intentions to steer my personal career towards the creative route. However, this time I’ll be doing it on my own basis.

For those who don’t know, despite graduating in Interior Architecture I have little to no interest in falling into said career path. It’s a downfall on my behalf, considering that I was apparently determined to follow the architecture route during my teenage years. However, I’d forced myself to believe that although my chosen degree didn’t completely fall into jobs of interest, it had continued to cite similarities in job specifications when applying. Yes, my degree touched on the main discipline of the Adobe Package, but the feedback received from companies was that my degree didn’t fall into what they were interested in. In that sense, that was most likely a major contributing factor as to why I was unable to land a role in the design world – because I was applying to design jobs not specific enough to my graduated discipline.

So what is it that I want to do?
At this current moment in time, I continue to search for my answer. I don’t know! I don’t! I know that it will be something creative, likewise, I know that it will be something hands on that is personal to me. I steer towards work that pays for who I am. Likewise, (as hubris as I sound) I’m powered by emotions that fuel my creativity.

Who knows what design direction I will head towards… who knows!?
All I know is that generalised interior design and architecture is not what I have in mind.
All I know is that in a world revolved around social media; design work is best broadcast online.
All I know is that I refuse to work under a company that doesn’t share the same values as I do, likewise, it’s far simpler to work for myself to have these needs met.

I don’t need a degree or a design job to justify how creative I am. Like I said before, qualifications are only justifications to society to show that you are ‘eligible’ do or say something. You don’t need any qualifications to justify your own opinions and perceptions!

It’s been a tough year to build up my confidence again, and I’m proud to declare that I can draw! I’m heading towards a risky pathway with utmost optimism and enthusiasm. To start 2018 with a bang, I’ll be making a glorious amount of transformations revolving around this site and it all starts with creating a domain name specific to me.

Hi, I’m Huewinn. Welcome to my website: